I have a big wildflower bed that I planted last year in the middle of the backyard. It is coming up real well this spring. There are some small orange flowers that are surprisingly fragrant. The catnip has gotten huge in just the few weeks of spring we have had. The daylillies are growing, although there won’t be any buds until it warms up some more. My rose bushes in back of the house are growing like crazy. The rose bush that is along the side fench practically hidden by the shrubs has some rosebuds on it already.

When the grass needed its first cut this spring I thought I saw something that might be a flower coming up in the middle of what is left of the backyard that isn’t already flower beds. So I have been cutting around it. Sure enough, it became a daisy plant. This past week it got a good 2 feet tall and started blooming. So today I decided to move it over to the side of the yard where the tomatoes were last year because nothing was there but dirt and the mint. I dug it out and divided it into 3 clumps and planted them.

I don’t know if that daisy was just something that blew over there, or if it is something that is left from years ago when I had a whole string of daisies in that area – which Doyle cut down. Doyle knows better than to cut anything down again!

There is a very old rosebush over in the corner that has been hidden behind the shrubs Doyle planted. So a few weeks ago, I cut back the shrubs around it, and also removed a piece of the fence that was blocking and light. I am hoping the bush will come back. When it blooms it has some deep red small roses. It used to be really beautiful until the shrubs took over that corner. I took a couple of root cuttings from it last year and they are coming up behind the house now and seem to be doing well, although no buds yet, but it is still early. I will have to remember to take some more root cuttings this year.

There was also a wonderful rose bush in the back corner that had small pink flowers, but I don’t think that is going to come back. I tried last year, but it didn’t do anything. There are too many shrubs in the way. Maybe I will go to the yard behind us and see if it is coming up back there through the fence. That house has been empty for a year so I don’t think anyone will mind if I trespass.

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