Meijer Reusable Bags

Meijer reusable bagEven though I don’t work at Meijer anymore, I still shop there all the time! They have some really great reusable shopping bags. They are very big and have a flat bottom so that you don’t need 3 hands in order to fill them (believe me, the cashier will appreciate that!). It will take a little getting used to to remember to take them with you every trip, but it is well worth the extra effort. Also, be sure to get a couple of the reusable freezer bags. The freezer bags would be much better if they had a flat bottom too, but they are still good to put your cold items in for the warm weather coming up.

The blue reusable bags are on a stand close to both of the doors at the Southgate Meijer, one by the produce section, and one at the other end of the store. The freezer bags are in the frozen food section. Each bag is 99 cents each. You will be surprised how soon those plastic bags disapear from around your house! The blue bags are also great for holding your bottle returns.

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