• Butterflies In The Garden

    Butterfly Gardening I have noticed a monarch butterfly fluttering around the tall shrubs surrounding our backyard. The shrubs are in bloom right now with very fragrant small white flowers that the bees really like also. I always have a lot of little white butterflies but I was happy to see a monarch in my garden.

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  • Garden Photos Update

    Added new pictures of my garden…

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  • Guerrilla gardeners

    Guerilla GardenersNow here’s a great story!

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  • Your Backyard Could Feed The Hungry

    LANGDON, New Hampshire (AP) — Sharon Crossman hadn’t tasted fresh fruits or vegetables in a week. After her husband had two heart attacks and stopped working, she has relied on disability checks and the free food provided by a food pantry. Read this article at

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  • Feed Your Soil

    Feed Your Soil

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  • Article For New Veggie Gardeners

    Detroit News Article June 21, 2008 Detroit News, Saturday, June 21, 2008 Jeff Ball: Yardener New at growing your own veggies? Try these tips The Burpee Seed Co. has just announced that its vegetable seed sales are up 40 percent over last year. We are hearing that garden centers are having trouble keeping vegetable seedlings […]

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  • Almost Done Planting

    Yesterday and today I dug some more strips and planted corn and cucumbers. As soon as some of my beans have gotten a bit taller, I will plant them and some squash around the corn as in The Three Sisters method. I don’t plan on digging any more strips! Hope I get some good vegetables […]

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  • First and Last Frost Dates

    From: Detroit: Last Frost Average Date: 5/12 First Frost Average Date: 10/9

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  • “Before” Pictures Of My 2008 Garden

    Green beans with the tepees. Summer squash in the background on the left. Some more strips added to previous picture. One of my tomato plants. Another tomato plant on the right, yellow pepper plant on left, green pepper plant in the background. Baby napping on the right Daylilies in my Perennial Garden. Catnip in front, […]

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  • Three Sisters Planting

    Try next year:,2029,DIY_13846_4664981,00.html Vertical gardening seems tailor-made for our modern times, when yards are small and land is precious, but it also made sense hundreds of years ago. For centuries Native Americans made use of a planting method known as the three sisters. The three sisters are corn, beans and squash: tall corn is […]

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