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Home Made poles

OMG, we aren’t supposed to get rain all week!! My rain barrel is only half full. We had some rain yesterday, but that son of mine has still not dragged out my 2nd barrel from the basement so I can get it set up. Well, this being Michigan, the weather forecast is likely to change and we get some rain after all, I hope!

I have been busy the last few days trimming privet hedges and keeping some of the branches to make my very own fencing and bean poles!

I know, its not a pretty site, but its free! I also trimmed some rose branches and used them along the bottom of the fencing, I read somewhere that the thorns will keep animals out. I don’t have enough to go all the way around though.

I found this blog yesterday and I love it! The writer is so funny…

Oh, one more thing – I noticed some green bean vines starting to twine around my corn today!

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