Making Homemade Bread

Whenever I mention to people that I am making bread, they say “oh! you have a bread machine!”

NO I do NOT have a bread machine. You do not need a bread machine to make bread for pete sakes! You just mix the dough and then you knead it for about 10 minutes. It is an enjoyable thing to do, although it can be a little hard on the hands, especially if you have arthritis in them like I do. But for now, it isn’t bothering me and I am teaching Caitlin how to do it too.

I learned how to knead dough way back in the 70’s when I first learned how to bake bread. I didn’t bake bread for a good number of years, but now that I work from home I have time and the inclination to bake bread again, among other things I have started doing from scratch again. It isn’t difficult to knead, but here is a good video that explains why kneading is important, and how to do it:

How To Knead Bread Dough

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