First Garden Work Of 2010

Jack wants to go out

Jack wants to go out

Today was sunny and warm (55 degrees high).  Jack kept wanting to spend time outside.  I went out for a little bit with him a couple times this morning, but I told him “I have work to do” and made us come back inside.  He doesn’t do “alone”, he has to have someone with him at all times.

Then I did a little bit of work.

Then I noticed the weather report and that it would be raining the next couple of days, so…I gave in.  We went back outside and I worked on one area of the garden.  We now have one small bed ready for planting.  And one walkway area mulched.

I think this bed will be for lettuce and peas.  Let me check my garden plan I made last month – I am close, I have this bed marked for lettuce, carrots, beets, radishes, onions.  I think the idea was to pick a few, not plant all of those.  I think just lettuce and peas will do, the lettuce kind of takes over and I actually made the bed smaller than I had planned in order to make the walkway which is an addition to the driveway because if we have a vehicle parked there, there is nowhere to walk.

The strawberry bed still has some snow and is quite wet, so I didn’t work on that area, though I would have liked to.  Its going to be even wetter if we get rain for 2 days!

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