Snap Peas from Botanical Interests

Snap Peas from Botanical Interests

Planted snap peas from Botanical Gardens,  (last years seeds) and shelling peas (from Freedom Seeds, ordered last year) on Saturday.  Covered them with milk carton greenhouses because it is going to be frosty the next few nights.  Also, I believe last year the birds and/or squirrels ate a lot of my pea seeds!  I pre-sprouted all the pea seeds since they are from last year and they all sprouted.

I covered the strawberry plants with a sheet the last few nights, and covered the lettuce and spinach seeds with plastic.

Hope I haven’t started planting things too early!

Inside Seeds:Sweet-pea-ocean-foam from Botanical Interests

Tomato seeds have sprouted.  I see one broccoli sprouted, maybe more.  A couple of sweet peas sprouted.

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