Sugar Sweetie Cherry Tomato from Botanical Interests

Sugar Sweetie Cherry Tomato from Botanical Interests

The tomato seedlings are coming along well.  I transferred them to larger pots today.  I have 5 cherry tomatoes, and 8 Livingston.  The Beefsteak are not as big and I don’t have room for larger pots,  so I didn’t transfer them yet.  I need to put up another light shelf.  I will want to start some peppers soon.   I have 3 broccoli seeds that sprouted.

The peas I planted outside are not up yet, it has been too cold I  think.  I saw a few that had floated to the top of the dirt the other day so I pushed them back down.  The lettuce and spinach are not doing anything either, I have put up a plastic tunnel on them.  Before I got the sides situated Boo was already going in the tunnel, he thought it would be a good place to lay.

The sweet peas I winter sowed in a milk carton sprouted, just a few.  The lemon balm and milkweed – nothing.  The potatoes, nothing either.

I have started some lettuce and spinach inside and when they sprout I hope to put them outside in a plastic tunnel.  Or a coldframe if I can put one together with whatever is in the garage.

Never did get a camera situation, gotta work on that.

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