• Scratch n All® Pad Relieves Itchy Animals

    All animals enjoy a good scratch…and now an innovative, new product lets pets of any size, and people, satisfy that need any time they feel the urge. The Scratch n All® pad from Animent, is a high-quality, rubber-based grooming pad specifically designed to allow unlimited applications in homes, kennels, stables, barns and even zoos. The […]

    Jun 14th, 2010 | Filed under Animals
  • My Ugly Garden

    I pretty much have an ugly garden.  I used to feel bad about it sometimes and go around madly trying to “clean” it up.  But after reading about some other ugly gardens, I have decided not to fight it. There aren’t a lot of pictures on this site of my garden because my camera situation […]

    Jun 1st, 2010 | Filed under Garden - 2010, Gardening
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