Scratch n All® Pad Relieves Itchy Animals

Donkey using the Scratch n All pad

Donkey using the Scratch n All pad

All animals enjoy a good scratch…and now an innovative, new product lets pets of any size, and people, satisfy that need any time they feel the urge.

The Scratch n All® pad from Animent, is a high-quality, rubber-based grooming pad specifically designed to allow unlimited applications in homes, kennels, stables, barns and even zoos. The pad’s raised nub design is based on curry brushes familiar to all animal owners.

The Scratch n All® pad was created by a pet owner and animal lover who recognized the basic need to groom, scratch and experience the tactile pleasure of an invigorating massage. They can be configured to meet any self grooming application, making them perfect for all animals—horses, dogs, cats, goats, alpaca, sheep, pet pigs, rabbits… and even dairy cows.

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