• Google Seems To Like This Site

    I am not sure why, but Google seems to like this site. I just posted 2 little articles today and they were immediately cached by Google! I have done a little work on some other blogs and never get quite this success. So I am going to continue this blog and post some things for […]

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  • Indoor Garden

    A couple of weeks ago I started up a little indoor garden. I moved my office into the dining room for the winter in order to conserve heating and I hated that it is so dark in there all the time. There is a window, but with the plastic on it and the cats, I […]

    Jan 30th, 2011 | Filed under Gardening, Indoor Gardening
  • Winter Sowing Seeds

    Yesterday I did some winter sowing. I planted: 1. Sweet Pea, Ocean Foam – bought last year from Botannical Gardens and planted some in the garden direct but they did not do well. 2. Sunflower, Elves Blend – bought last year from Botannical Gardens but never planted. 3. Chamomile, German – bought last year from […]

    Jan 30th, 2011 | Filed under Gardening, Winter Sowing
  • This is on my mind…

    I recently converted a coat closet into a pantry. This closet is in the entryway right inside our front door. The entryway is very small and in the winter I hang a heavy quilt over the doorway into the living room to help keep the house warmer. That works very well. But that closet has […]

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