Indoor Garden

A couple of weeks ago I started up a little indoor garden. I moved my office into the dining room for the winter in order to conserve heating and I hated that it is so dark in there all the time. There is a window, but with the plastic on it and the cats, I can’t put plants in the window! I do have a large entertainment center in my winter office that normally is just filled with “things”. So I cleaned out the big center area and stuck in some lights and now I have a plant area. I have one pink African Violet, one miniature yellow rose, one sad English Ivy, one sad lemon verbena, and one grass plant (for the cats). The light in the room really makes a big difference, it feels like sun shining into the room.

Yesterday I added some trays of pebbles and water to help with the humidty. The back of the entertainment center had been removed and I am thinking I want to do something with it. If I could find a large picture of woods or a garden or something, I would like to stick it back there for some depth.

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