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I recently converted a coat closet into a pantry. This closet is in the entryway right inside our front door. The entryway is very small and in the winter I hang a heavy quilt over the doorway into the living room to help keep the house warmer. That works very well. But that closet has 2 walls facing the outside and with the quilt hung up the closet becomes so cold in the winter that no one wants to hang their coats in it anyway! So when I decided I wanted to create a place to store foods, I felt that closet would be perfect!

The closet is 4 feet wide by about 3 feet deep. I have a digital thermometer in the pantry and since it has turned cold, the temp in there hovers right around 50 degrees fahrenheit. Perfect!

However, being a coat closet, it only had one high shelf. I did not have money to buy shelving materials so I used what I have, namely plastic milk crates and odd pieces of boards I keep for just such purposes. The closet is working very well, I really like having a supply of food on hand so I don’t have to run out if the weather turns bad. But it really needs to be emptied and reorganized already!! I noticed that one of the milk crates sides are getting droopy because a lot of canned items are on the shelf it is hold up. I am going to have to take care of this before I have everything fall down. This is what is on my mind lately.

Sorry I do not have a picture of my pantry because I do not have a camera right now.

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