• Urban Homestead in a Michigan suburb

    I have been growing vegetable gardens in my backyard for several years, each year the gardens get a little bigger.  I have installed 3 rain barrels and a few compost piles.  I don’t have any alternate energy sources, or farm type animals (chickens or goats).  But I like to think I am homesteading to the […]

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  • How sad…

    …that someone would think that they could own the terms “urban homestead” and “urban homesteading” ® . And these someones are not big corporations, but just a family who homesteads in their little Pasadena, CA backyard and have gotten a lot of acknowledgement via their blog, press, and tv.  This family was a very big […]

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  • Yummy Breakfast

    While cooking some old fashioned oats on the stove, add some peach sauce I canned last summer, some chopped Georgia pecans (thanks to sister Louise!), some brown sugar, dab of butter. mmm good!

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  • Seed Viability

    Handy item to keep around:

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  • Winter continues….

    And here comes the big snowstorm they have been talking about for days…

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