My New Pressure Canner

Last week I decided I really needed to get a pressure canner this year.  I tried several stores in the area, no luck.  Lots of jars, water bath canners, and supplies, but no pressure canners.  I had to go all the way out to the Trenton Walmart and they had ONE which I promptly bought.

The other day Caitlin and I went to Blocks and bought beans, corn and beets.  I pickled the beets and canned 12 pints of beans and 6 pints of corn.

Today I dug up about 8 pounds of potatoes from my garden.  Then I canned them with my new pressure canner.  I only canned 9 pints because that is all that fits into the canner at one time.  There is still a large bowlful leftover, but we will eat those fresh.

9 pints canned potatoes

Aug 25th, 2011
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