• Canning Dried Beans

    Yesterday I tried canning some dried beans so I could have some ready to go when I need them. I had read to be sure to leave a good amount of liquid in the jar before processing. I soaked 2 kinds of beans overnight (black-eyed peas and black beans). Then in the morning I cooked […]

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  • Canning Inventory

    white potatoes 14 pints sweet potatoes 3 quarts beans 17 pints corn 5 pints tomato sauce 5 quarts, 6 pints Italian tomato sauce 2 pints tomato juice 3 quarts, 4 pints tomato jam 3 pints peaches 7 1/2 pints pumpkin 3 quarts peach sauce 1 pint applesauce 2 pints, 6 pints added 10-6 cranberry sauce […]

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  • More in the pantry

    Today: 5 more 1/2 pints of wild grape jelly – that’s the last of the juice from the grapes growing wild in the backyard.  Went to the Wyandotte Farmers market and got some more small potatoes to can (6 pints).  4 more pints of pickles from the last cucumbers from my garden. Glad I canned […]

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  • Pantry Update

    Yesterday I reorganized the pantry AGAIN! I moved the jams, relishes and pickles to the chiffrobe in the living room because I will need to be able to get to them for gifting and the pantry was just too full to do that easily.  In the pantry I have tomatoes, juice, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, […]

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  • Wild Grape Jelly

    After doing some research, I determined that the grapes growing on my shrubs were fox grapes (wild grapes), common in the US.  They are pretty sour to eat off the vine, but I decided to try and make some jelly with them.  I am really glad I did, as the jelly is delicious! So I […]

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