Canning Dried Beans

Yesterday I tried canning some dried beans so I could have some ready to go when I need them. I had read to be sure to leave a good amount of liquid in the jar before processing. I soaked 2 kinds of beans overnight (black-eyed peas and black beans). Then in the morning I cooked them for about 1/2 hour and then put them in jars to process. The black beans are small and I think they were cooked a little more than the black-eyed peas and they do have a bit of liquid left in the jars. But the black-eyed peas I think I over packed as they have no more liquid in the jars. I will use one of the jars today and see how they are and adjust the way I can them next time around.

Note: I opened a jar of the black-eyed peas. They were properly cooked and not dried out even though there was no liquid left. I used them in some garlicky chicken/broth/vegetable combination left from the other day and the resulting soup was very delicious!

Sep 26th, 2011
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