Pantry Update

Yesterday I reorganized the pantry AGAIN!

I moved the jams, relishes and pickles to the chiffrobe in the living room because I will need to be able to get to them for gifting and the pantry was just too full to do that easily.  In the pantry I have tomatoes, juice, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green and yellow beans, corn, chicken broth, peaches  along with all my other store bought pantry items.  I don’t have enough canned for the winter, I will make a trip to the farmers market tomorrow, and maybe to Blocks also.  The beans canned good, but the corn tastes no different than store bought canned corn, I prefer frozen. The white potatoes from my garden are very good.  So glad I did get my pressure canner.

I made some more soap using the little plastic molds Caitlin got me.  I did not grease the molds before putting the soap in them, I hope that wasn’t a mistake.

Have been using the lard/coconut oil soap for cleaning a lot.  Coconut is supposed to be a good cleaner but a bit drying for skin.  Just rub the soap on a wet washcloth and go.  Seems to work real well and doesn’t leave a soap film.  I will make some more lard soap soon as I plan on some for Christmas giving.

I have about $400 left in my Food Stamps account.  Won’t be getting any more.  I don’t know if adding Billy as a family member would be of any benefit.  He started his new job but I don’t know what kind of schedule he will have.

Today is fall weather, September 14.  Time to get the garden to bed.  Still some green tomatoes out there to ripen and some butternut squash.  The squash got such a late start, I hope they will ripen before frosts, the stems are still very green.  Still have to clean up the shrub mess and finish trimming the driveway shrubs.  I told Doyle he could come finish it but I suspect he has forgotten and I will have to do it myself. We will see how my hip is feeling.  Getting old is no fun.

I would really like a bread machine, or a working oven.

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