• Sourdough Crackers

    I recently started up a sourdough starter. This means that every other day or so I need to remove some starter and feed the remainder. Usually the directions say to “discard” the starter that is removed. But I read that you can use it in recipes. So I went looking for some recipes to use. […]

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  • Misc Food Projects

    Food projects I worked on today: Pictured: Oat Nut Bread butternut squash cooked and frozen fed sourdough starter Not pictured: granola dog food

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  • Monday Food Post

    I have a hard time with my hands.  They hurt a lot of the time.  They are weak and I have a hard time doing some tasks such as cutting into big hard vegetables such as squashes and rutabagas.  I have some squashes here and decided today since my hands were not so bad today, […]

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  • How To Make Cranberry Juice Cocktail

    I had 2 bags of cranberries sitting in the refrigerator from Christmas time. They were organic and consequently had no preservatives on them and were starting to get mold. So I decided to make juice. I put the 2 bags of cranberries in a pot, added one chopped apple and 2 tangerines (because they were […]

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  • Using Pantry Foods For a Dinner

    I made a chicken and noodle casserole today for dinner.  I mixed up 1/2 of a pint of chicken I had canned and 1 pint of vegetables canned in chicken broth into a quart casserole dish.  I stirred in some herbs/spices, 1 cup of the chicken broth, 1/2 cup of cream I had in the refrigerator […]

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  • how to make maple pecan ice cream

    I asked Caitlin to pick me up a container of cream so I could make ice cream and she brought me 2 large containers of cream.  That is enough for 4 quarts of ice cream!  So yesterday I made chocolate and vanilla ice cream.  Today I am making maple pecan. I will still have 1 […]

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  • How To Make Pot Roast

    Ingredients: hunk of beef – not too lean, you need some fat on it carrots celery onion salt pepper thyme garlic powder beef or vegetable broth or water Step 1: I am making “roast” for 2 and I am using 2 small round steaks that have a bit of fat marbling them. You need a […]

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