• Making Chicken Stock/Broth

    Whether I cook a whole chicken or chicken pieces, I save the bones and skin and any liquid and make homemade chicken stock.  The other day I cooked a whole chicken in the roaster.  I used some of the meat for dinner that night and stripped the rest off the bones and froze it.  Then […]

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  • Added to Pantry

    The other day I made some tomato jam. Its a sort of ketchup type thing with a little kick. The great thing was I did not need to peel and de-seed the tomatoes!! Just chop and put in large pan. Sugar added, spices – cinnamon, cloves, red pepper and cook till thick. I did the […]

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  • Canning Dried Beans

    Yesterday I tried canning some dried beans so I could have some ready to go when I need them. I had read to be sure to leave a good amount of liquid in the jar before processing. I soaked 2 kinds of beans overnight (black-eyed peas and black beans). Then in the morning I cooked […]

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  • Canning Inventory

    white potatoes 14 pints sweet potatoes 3 quarts beans 17 pints corn 5 pints tomato sauce 5 quarts, 6 pints Italian tomato sauce 2 pints tomato juice 3 quarts, 4 pints tomato jam 3 pints peaches 7 1/2 pints pumpkin 3 quarts peach sauce 1 pint applesauce 2 pints, 6 pints added 10-6 cranberry sauce […]

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