• The front jungle: The back jungle:

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  • Seed Viability

    Handy item to keep around:

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  • Indoor Garden

    A couple of weeks ago I started up a little indoor garden. I moved my office into the dining room for the winter in order to conserve heating and I hated that it is so dark in there all the time. There is a window, but with the plastic on it and the cats, I […]

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  • Winter Sowing Seeds

    Yesterday I did some winter sowing. I planted: 1. Sweet Pea, Ocean Foam – bought last year from Botannical Gardens and planted some in the garden direct but they did not do well. 2. Sunflower, Elves Blend – bought last year from Botannical Gardens but never planted. 3. Chamomile, German – bought last year from […]

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  • My Ugly Garden

    I pretty much have an ugly garden.  I used to feel bad about it sometimes and go around madly trying to “clean” it up.  But after reading about some other ugly gardens, I have decided not to fight it. There aren’t a lot of pictures on this site of my garden because my camera situation […]

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  • Garden update

    I have been lax on updating my garden notes.  The book my Mom gave me and this blog.  Too busy is my excuse. The peas and strawberries are flowering.   The lettuce and spinach are being eaten.  The tomato plants are mostly in the ground.  I put in some cucumber seedlings this morning and in the […]

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  • Early April Update

    Lettuce, spinach and peas are finally starting to come up outside.  A few sweet peas sprouting.  The broccoli is coming along. Very nice weather for a few days and I am stuck inside trying to figure out a website problem!  Why aren’t these support people helping me??  Maybe they are outside!  I need to plant […]

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  • Tomatoes

    The tomato seedlings are coming along well.  I transferred them to larger pots today.  I have 5 cherry tomatoes, and 8 Livingston.  The Beefsteak are not as big and I don’t have room for larger pots,  so I didn’t transfer them yet.  I need to put up another light shelf.  I will want to start […]

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  • Peas

    Planted snap peas from Botanical Gardens,  (last years seeds) and shelling peas (from Freedom Seeds, ordered last year) on Saturday.  Covered them with milk carton greenhouses because it is going to be frosty the next few nights.  Also, I believe last year the birds and/or squirrels ate a lot of my pea seeds!  I pre-sprouted […]

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  • March 18, 2010

    The garlic and onions look a little frosted, maybe I should have covered them up with something. Today I planted the red and white potatoes from organic potatoes that had sprouted,  and spinach and lettuce from

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