• Urban Homestead in a Michigan suburb

    I have been growing vegetable gardens in my backyard for several years, each year the gardens get a little bigger.  I have installed 3 rain barrels and a few compost piles.  I don’t have any alternate energy sources, or farm type animals (chickens or goats).  But I like to think I am homesteading to the […]

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  • How sad…

    …that someone would think that they could own the terms “urban homestead” and “urban homesteading” ® . And these someones are not big corporations, but just a family who homesteads in their little Pasadena, CA backyard and have gotten a lot of acknowledgement via their blog, press, and tv.  This family was a very big […]

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  • Seed Viability

    Handy item to keep around:

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  • Winter continues….

    And here comes the big snowstorm they have been talking about for days…

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  • Google Seems To Like This Site

    I am not sure why, but Google seems to like this site. I just posted 2 little articles today and they were immediately cached by Google! I have done a little work on some other blogs and never get quite this success. So I am going to continue this blog and post some things for […]

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  • This is on my mind…

    I recently converted a coat closet into a pantry. This closet is in the entryway right inside our front door. The entryway is very small and in the winter I hang a heavy quilt over the doorway into the living room to help keep the house warmer. That works very well. But that closet has […]

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  • How I Became Simple

    I think I always wanted to live simple, just things got in the way… At times I would do things like bake my bread, make yogurt, sew my clothes.  Most of the time these things were done because I never have had much money, so I had to do things the “cheap” way.  Most of […]

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  • abandoned…

    I have pretty much abandoned this Word Press site for this one because I needed to learn Joomla. I have moved all the posts from this site to the new one, just haven’t moved the pictures of my grandchildren over yet, …too much work…

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  • Dear Santa

    This is what I want for Christmas please!

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  • some things…

    OMG, we aren’t supposed to get rain all week!! My rain barrel is only half full. We had some rain yesterday, but that son of mine has still not dragged out my 2nd barrel from the basement so I can get it set up. Well, this being Michigan, the weather forecast is likely to change […]

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