Ida Linenfelser’s grandmother on her mothers side was named Matilda Rothdow.

Matilda Rothdow’s parents were John and Martha Rothaug.  The last name has gone through various spellings.

John Rothaug was born in 1822 in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.  He was married 3 times:

1st wife: Martha (Lena) Roth 1820–1876, born in Main-Spessarter Landkreis, Bavaria, Germany
Matilda Kramer 1847–1900
Barbara Kanzler 1851–1888
John Rothaug 1855–
William Rothdow 1856–1938

John, wife Martha, and family moved to Sandusky, Ohio somewhere between 1851 and 1855.  Martha died in 1876 and John married MaryAnn in April 1876, MaryAnn had a previous child, John Hagy, but she and John Rothdow had no children.

2nd wife:  MaryAnn Hagy 1827-1882. MaryAnn died and John R married Christina Balduff July 1882. They had 3 children.

 3rd wife: Christina Balduff  1846-1930

Fred 1871 – possibly Christina’s previous child
Philip Walter Rothaug 1887–1955
Ada Rothaug 1885
Charles Carl. Rothaug

will of John Rothaug

John Rothaug is buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Sandusky Ohio